LifeSTEPS, JB Brown Fund help a veteran with a challenging mission

Photo of Dave, JB Brown Fund recipient

This program is excellent. It helped me tremendously, especially with the payment for my new leg.


A former soldier had the fight of his life when his health started to decline.

Dave, who used to pack parachutes as a member of the Army’s 101st Airborne, had built a decades-long career in the restaurant industry. But he had to retire early when he started having trouble with his right foot.

Doctors determined the cause was bacteria in his foot and leg, and were forced to amputate his leg in order to prevent the spread throughout his body.

For the former solider and the always-on-the move restaurant industry employee, the emotional – and financial – impact was devastating. After several weeks, Dave contacted the USA Properties’ management team at his affordable apartment community and shared the news.

The managers contacted Egle, Director of Social Services for LifeSTEPS at the apartment community. Egle helped Dave find an affordable prosthetic leg and created a budget to help with his finances.  

Egle also connected Dave to Saint Vincent de Paul, a Catholic charity, and Mel Church in Fair Oaks. Both have helped Dave in numerous ways.

And LifeSTEPS approved $1,000 to cover part of the cost of the new prosthetic leg. The funds come from the JB Brown Fund, an organization that assists low-income residents dealing with financial hardships who live in many of USA Properties affordable apartment communities.

“This program is excellent,” says Dave, who receives emotional support from friends in the community. “It helped me tremendously, especially with the payment for my new leg.”