JB Brown Fund sports scholarship helps teen to embrace his passion

Image of a putter about to hit a golf ball

We are thankful for LifeSTEPS and the JB Brown Fund for giving my son access to improve his talents.


The JB Brown Fund has been a stroke of good fortune for Caleb and his mother.

The 13-year-old attends an online charter school and when the COVID pandemic stopped many of his out-of-the-house extracurricular activities, the reserved and shy Caleb struggled with loneliness. Connecting with others, especially kids his age, was difficult.

Another challenge was that Caleb suffers from severe asthma, which greatly limits his participation in youth sports such as baseball and soccer.

But there was golf, one of Caleb’s passions that also allows him to exercise and socialize. There was just one problem: Money.

As any golfer knows, paying for the sport – from lessons to green fees – can be tougher than playing a ball that lands in a sand trap or in the rough. Caleb’s mother, Lena, looked at her budget and knew there was no room for the sport.

Lena was disappointed and frustrated. She reached out to Jada, a LifeSTEPS Director of Social Services who knew Caleb from the after-school program at the apartment community. Jada made Lena aware of the JB Brown Fund youth sports scholarship program, and helped her complete the application.

Soon after, the JB Brown Fund – funded by donations to the organization – approved Caleb for a scholarship that paid for one year of lessons and access to nearby Windsor Golf Course. 

“Thank you so much to LifeSTEPS and Jada for letting me know about The JB Brown Fund’s sports scholarship,” Caleb says. “There are no words to express how thankful I am.”

And Caleb’s mother says the scholarship and sport have already had a life-changing effect on her son.

“His instructor and coach are great role models and have made a large impact on my son’s life,” she says. “We are thankful for LifeSTEPS and the JB Brown Fund for giving my son access to improve his talents.”