If you want to know how the JB Brown Fund changes lives, just ask the dozens of residents who have benefited from the program. The fund – a partnership between USA Properties and LifeSTEPS  builds better communities and improves lives.

The JB Brown Fund's slogan – "Creating Opportunities to Fulfill Dreams" – details its far-reaching goals, from helping residents to attend college through scholarships to paying registration fees for sports equipment for youth.

The fund, named after the founder of USA Properties, has enjoyed fast-paced growth during the past three years, from $34,000 in 2011 to more than $138,000 in 2013, thanks to the donations from USA Properties staff, our partners, vendors and associations.

Academic Scholarships

Juan works full time as a Nursing Assistant while attending local community college where he is studying Computer Graphics & Design. By working hard at school and his job, Juan strives to set an example of integrity for his son. Juan says the J. B. Brown Scholarship inspires him to be a productive community member and raise a son that will also contribute to society in meaningful ways.

Sports Scholarships

Youth sports help children develop many skills, from leadership to teamwork. The JB Brown Fund helps families pay for equipment and/or registration fees connected to youth sports. It’s an effort that makes everyone a winner.

Client Assistance

Life’s unexpected emergencies – a car breaking down, a health issue or even a death in the family – can be a financial hardship for many families. The JB Brown Fund helps residents deal with these issues during such difficult times.

Support for Older Adults

Eleanor was an active senior but when she started to lose her hearing, she became a much different person. Until the JB Brown Fund helped pay for new hearing aids and gave Eleanor back her active lifestyle.